I am a Major in the U.S. Army and started The Education of 16 Army Majors blog to fulfill one of my Outreach requirements while attending CGSC at Fort Belvoir, VA. This has evolved to the blog, Amanda Versus Herself, which includes fitness ambitions, writing challenges, wants, raves, and maybe some mindful shit talking. And now I’ve moved on to this new blog, Happiness Not Required. Because it really isn’t. That is where I’ll focus more on writing but self expression can take sudden turns. Who knows what you’ll find here.I do hope you enjoy reading my blog. Even if you feel you need to stalk the sh*t out of me. My poor life choices sure make for entertaining reading!

My views do not represent those of the Department of Defense. Now am I writing any of my blogs in an official capacity. Just a private citizen spouting off on the injustices of life. 😉

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