Two Days in a Row!

Back to the yoga mat again today. My body was sending me a very clear message that I needed to move and stretch so back to the yoga studio.

Today I went to Gentle Yoga which varies widely depending upon the instructor. I’ve mostly experienced some blend of Yin/Restorative/New Agey/Therapeutic/Make-you-cry kind of yoga. Today I lucked out. An instructor who usually doesn’t teach Gentle Yoga, for 75 minutes, took us through a head to toe yoga stretching sequence. Amazing.

It was exactly what I needed.

If you haven’t noticed, the designated color for my yoga practice today was purple. 😁 Unintentional, I promise!

Crisis Averted

In other news, looks like we survived the January 2018 government shutdown. I suspect we’re in a position to experience another one around 8 February 2018. At least there’s one more paycheck between now and then.

Timing. That bitch. Of course all this uncertainty happens now with post-Christmas and $2000 of cat medical/end-of-life bills to deal with. It’s going to be fine and all will work itself out, but I won’t have the confidence of a zero balance credit card this month.

My Nesting Efforts

Last weekend I finally hung my pictures in my little dining room. It only took ten months to this figure out and only when rescued by my creative friend Shelly did it make any sense. πŸ™„


I’m pleased with how it all turned out. I still need to mount my military stuff on another wall. Somewhere. Preferably not where people can see them. I always have a hard time putting that stuff up. Together it looks so… self-important.

I know I earned my degrees and awards and whatever. Everyone has a right to be proud of their achievements and accomplishments. I guess for me it’s an identity issue and it’s never felt quite right. Always searching, always wondering… Fighting the good fight.

For now, at this late hour, I shall launch this blog entry into oblivion, to be held against me at a later date. πŸ˜‡

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