Sunday night again, and I don’t know what happened to the weekend. It up and ran away.

It involved a nice brunch with someone I’m learning to like again, some boring errands, late night Netflix binge watching (omg check out Black Mirror!), missing my cats, watch the Patriots win, and I went to a yoga class. Haven’t been in a really long time In fact once this month, one time in December, and once in November. I went more frequently during the previous months.

Today, I could definitely feel the effects of neglect on my body. I went to the Core Strength and Stretch class, one of my favorites, at Radiance Yoga. What was formerly slightly warming and challenging, was almost painful due to how stiff I am. I could barely “knit my corset” muscles tightly enough to sit up straight. In the early part of the class, I tweaked my neck a little. My body was lecturing me on how I had not been caring for it. Message received. Gotta get my ass back in there no matter how cold it is outside.

I can’t vouch for all of these, but even if half of them are true, it’s worth it.

Now, yoga isn’t cheap. Especially around the DC/Northern Virginia area. I bought a 10-pack of classes for my studio and have a few classes left, however, we are in the midst of a government shutdown at the moment. May have to delay another purchase until things smooth out.

Congress can’t get its act together enough to compromise thus threatening the pay and financial stability of many government workers, military members, and their families. We don’t get paid until the government reopens and, in the case of military, we are required to go to work no matter what. No problem with working, but the cost of living in this area is a real consideration. One month behind on stuff will require a tightening of the belt and pinching of pennies. It will also mean cutting out non-essentials. We’re still a week away from knowing if we will be in this situation, but it’s unnerving to say the least.


There are conflicting reports. I’ve heard that we will be paid through 1 Feb, this DFAS post says otherwise.

These two images say it all. If that cocktail menu at the Capitol Lounge  is real, I’ll take a C’Mon Chuck followed by To Flake or Not to Flake? If it’s not resolved soon, it’s going to be a chaotic week or so. As of the time of this writing, a Senate vote is scheduled for noon tomorrow. The drama continues…

One thought on “Admonition

  1. I’ll take some to flake or not to flake action. I need one of those right about now! 😳. Scary shit for sure Amanda. I miss the military but not crap like this. Those boneheads had better figure something out. Sorry girl. I hope things look up in Congress and they pull their heads out of their asses long enough to breathe!

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